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Mission Statement of SunStrom

"Implementing renewable energy resources is no longer an alternative, but rather a necessity for a responsible approach to our environment. With our services, concentrating on the design and installation of photovoltaic power plants and systems in all types and sizes, our goal is to serve you and the environment - today and in the future."


It is imperative that both economical and ecological demands be met and fulfilled simultaneously. Forward thinking corporations must implement “green” technology and innovation today to be “in the black” in the future. That is why SunStrom believes in sustainable corporate development, which means meeting the needs of today’s business while protecting and enhancing the environment and future resources.

Quality by Professionals

SunStrom as a quality installer of photovoltaic plants of all types and sizes focuses on customer satisfaction and the environmentally friendly production of electricity from solar radiation. This is the basis of our sustainable business philosophy.

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